Are my pets safe?

For general pest control services, your pets are always safe unless otherwise stated by your service professional. Our ‘rule of thumb’ just for peace of mind is to let liquid chemical dry before the dog/cat goes in the area (normally about 10 minutes will do). Our rodent control is a bait that is placed into locked boxes that are strategically placed and your pets and their areas are taken into consideration as well. Unique pets such as birds are small in size and the service technician may request they be moved out of a room. Some treatments do require more extensive treatment and chemical so therefore will require pets to be out for a certain time period which will be fully discussed prior to treatment. Regardless of the situation, rest assured.. our technicians will let you know if a pet should not be in the area. They will be safe no matter what!

do you offer an eco-friendly pest control option?

Yes! We do have an insecticide that is made of natural essential plant oils that is considered safe and effective with a residual protection.

what if i see new/continuous bugs between services?

Barnes Exterminating will actually come out for you at no extra charge in between your services if you continue having issues or a new one arises. Our pest control services include a wide range of general bugs you’ll see in this area like spiders, stink bugs, flies, and ants. Some specific services are separate from general pest control that would be a separately charged service such as wood destroying insects, bed bugs, some bees, etc.

Can you take care of the squirrel in my attic?

We will normally come out and take a look for you if you are hearing noises and can’t figure out whats making it! However, we do not handle wildlife here at Barnes. We specialize in extermination for insects and small rodents. A wildlife control service will have the ability to utilize a live trap or a process to remove the animal.

will treating the outside be beneficial?

As a matter of fact, we suggest having the outside treated 1st and foremost. If there is a current inside issue, we most definitely will need to get it taken care of. Our main goal is to maintain the pests that come inside so the best way to do that is before they even get in! We can’t control nature or the massive bug population, but we can take steps to keeping them out of our homes!

if you have any questions, feel free to contact our office staff!