SaniSafe® Germ Control

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SaniSafe®Germ Control for Your Home or Business!

Especially in these uncertain times, nothing is worse than getting sick. Even if you always wash your hands, you still contact countless contagions wherever you go. If only you could ensure that your home or business is clean and germ-free. With Barnes Exterminating, you can! With our SaniSafe treatment right here in the Tri Cities. Our EPA-approved technology uses electrostatic energy to rid your home or business of bacteria and particles that could affect your health, including the following: Flu Virus | Staph | COVID-19 cleaning services | Allergens | And more!

Sanitize 100% of Surfaces!

No more battling germs with sanitation wipes and air spray that can only do so much against germs anyways. With Barnes, leave it to our germ control service. Our expert technicians will reach 100% of surfaces, so that your home gets the true cleaning that it deserves. Our technicians use an electrostatic backpack that pulls in particles with 25 times the attraction of gravity. That is a lot more than a Clorox wipe can do!

Thorough Commercial Sanitation

Especially in these adverse times, public places are a hotspot for viruses, colds, and more. If you need to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria at your place of business, look no further than Barnes’ SaniSafe® treatment in Northeast Tennessee. Our process is designed for many types of highly-trafficked businesses, including the following: Gyms | Daycares | Doctors’ Offices | And more!

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