Moisture Control

barrier-pictureBarnes Exterminating offers free inspections and estimates to detect any moisture, mold, mildew, and fungus in your home. Ground covers are placed on the soil in the crawl space to reduce the amount of moisture evaporating into the house. Excess moisture can lead to mildew and rot in the crawl space. Excess moisture can also cause heavy condensation on windows in the winter, mildew in the closets in the summer, and even allergy problems due to molds which grow in damp wood. We cover about 80 to 90% of the crawl space with a polyethylene plastic barrier. The purpose of the plastic is to reduce the surface area in which moisture evaporates. It is normal to see water beads collecting under the plastic this is a sign that the barrier is working.

We also use Timbor, a chemical that stops the growth of moisture, to spray in your basement or crawlspace as well as other wood destroying insects.

See our link for moisture control on our home page for more informantion on foundation vents.

Now Offering the Horizon Titan XP90 Dehumidifier!


With high quality features such as an integrated condensate pump and temperature controlled defrost, the Titan XP90 is designed to perfectly maintain your indoor air quality. Developed using decades of in the field experience, the XG90 produces an impressive 370 CFM, making it the perfect option for any space up to 15,000 ft3. Even with it’s powerful output, the Titan is still ultra efficient with a 2.8 L/kWh and only 5.5 amps. This impressive machine can also be customized to meet your needs with multiple upgrade options including ducting, filters, and remote control. Whether you’re facing too much moisture, unwelcome pests, or nasty mold, the Titan XP90 is the ideal dehumidifier for your application.

Download the Horizon Titan XP90 Spec Sheet

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents are another method of preventing moisture from developing in your home. Our vents are temperature controlled and open and close as needed to properly ventilate the crawl space area. The vents come with a 1 year warranty and are available in three different colors black, brown, and gray to best match your house foundation. We offer replacement of original vents or installing new vents to the foundation.

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